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Chimichanga  Quesadilla  Burrito Verde  Enchiladas  Taco Salad  Fajitas  Tostida Lindo  Taco Dinner
Burrito Dinner
  Taco El Grande  Mexico Lindo Special  Quesadilla Supreme  Mole Oaxaqueno  
Carne Asada  Tamales  Tostada Dinner  Mario's Sampler  Steak Burrito  Mexican Delight  Menudo  
Pizza Burrito  Shrimp Veracruz  Steak Tacos  Pizza Tostado Huevos con Chorizo  Huevos Rancheros  
Frijoles de la Holla

Mexican Entrees    



Meat, beans, lettuce, cheese and onion filled tortilla, fried golden and topped with sour cream.
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Flour tortilla filled with cheese and meat then pan-fried golden and topped with sour cream.
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Burrito Verde (spicy) 

Our own creation filled with meat, cheese, cilantro, fried potatoes and Salsa Verde, rolled and fried golden then topped with sour cream. Back to Top


Enchiladas Rojo or Verde (spicy) 

2 Corn shells filled with meat and topped with salsa of your choice and cheese. Enchiladas come in beef, chicken, potato/cheese, or cheese/onion.  Back to Top


Taco Salad   

Our home made edible bowl filled with beans, meat, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and onions topped with sour cream. Comes in beef or chicken.  Back to Top



Specially prepared chicken, steak, shrimp or veggie style sautéed with peppers and onions. Includes guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, lettuce and tortillas to make your own tacos.  Back to Top


Tostada Lindo   

An edible plate topped with melted cheese, meat, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and sour cream.
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Taco Dinner 

2 hard or soft shell tacos filled with beans, meat, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese.  Back to Top


Burrito Dinner 

Soft tortilla filled with meat, cheese, and beans rolled up inside.  Back to Top


Taco El Grande 

For the "hearty' appetite this is a large soft shell taco almost too big for the plate.  Back to Top


Mexico Lindo Special 

A combination of a burrito, hard shell taco, and enchilada.  Back to Top


Quesadilla Supreme 

 Flour tortilla folded in half and then stuffed with meat, cheese, onions, fried potato, and cilantro, then pan fried golden and served with sour cream.  Back to Top


Mole Oaxaqueno (spicy) 

White chicken breasts nestled under Mario's Mole Sauce, with pico de gallo and your choice of tortillas.
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Carne Asada 

Mexican steak seasoned delicately and served with your choice of tortillas.  Back to Top



Four shredded beef tamales wrapped in corn husks and steamed to perfection.  Back to Top


Tostada Dinner 

A six inch crispy plate topped with beans, meat, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and sour cream.  
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Mario's Sampler 

A combination of our tostada, tamale, and a mini quesadilla with your choice of chicken or beef.
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Steak Burrito 

Grilled sirloin strips, onions and peppers rolled up with beans and cheese in a soft shell with optional fried potato.  Back to Top


Mexican Delight (spicy) 

Beef or chicken stuffed in a crisp shell with fried potatoes, onions, beans and cheese, and then topped with Salsa Verde or Salsa Rojo, more cheese and sour cream. WOW!  Back to Top


Pizza Burrito (spicy) 

Flour tortilla filled with meat, cheese, tomato sauce and then topped with more cheese, sour cream and jalapenos.  Back to Top


Shrimp Veracruz (spicy) 

Large whole shrimp sautéed with onion and green pepper in a tasty sauce over rice.  Back to Top


Steak Tacos (spicy) 

Two soft shell tortillas filled with sirloin strips, beans and pico de galloBack to Top


Menudo (spicy) 

A traditional Mexican favorite soup of beef tripe, and hominy in a seasoned broth served with all the fixings and tortillas of your choice.  Back to Top


Pizza Tostada (spicy) 

Our own creation of an 8 inch crisp shell layered with tomato sauce, meat, cheese, tomatoes, onions, sliced jalapenos, and topped with sour cream.  Back to Top


Huevos con Chorizo (spicy) 

A flavorful Mexican sausage scrambled with eggs and served with tortillas, rice, and beans.
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Huevos Rancheros (spicy) 

Two eggs over easy in a special sauce with tortillas, rice, and beans.  Back to Top


Frijoles de la Holla (spicy) 

A dish of homemade pinto beans topped with cheese and pico de gallo, then served with your choice of tortillas.  Back to Top



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